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In most cases, a new house needs a new garden - this project was no exception! Aside from some existing retaining wall garden beds which were able to be incorporated, we started from scratch. Resolving drainage issues in the backyard and other hardscape elements like stepping stones and raised garden beds are merely the supporting cast of the stars of this garden: the accent plants. Floating concrete platforms that lead to the front door are softened by a variety of plants chosen for their form, texture, height & suitability to the site. Agaves, Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea sp.), and other mature feature trees were sourced to provide structure and sanctuary to the understory plantings. Out the back, an open area of lawn seamlessly transitions to the paved entertaining area through the use stepping stones that blend the boundaries between the hard and soft surfaces. Clever mixed planting in the pool area, including the use of large pots to break up the space, provides continuity throughout the garden from front to back while avoiding predictable repetitions.


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