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ID Landscaping is at the forefront of the design and construction of beautiful, sustainable and functional landscapes and residential gardens across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Established in 1987 within the original Indigenous Design Environmental Services company,

ID Landscaping and our sister company ID Ecological Management operate out of the same depot and collaboration between the two entities is central to our ongoing success.


In 2022, in the spirit of Reconciliation we made the collective decision to rebrand while still maintaining our core approach: lots of native plants local to the area, with a heavy emphasis on locally and sustainably sourced natural materials, and design inspired by our natural environment.

Through the thoughtful curation of resilient indigenous and native plants combined with a collaborative, iterative design process, we are able to deliver unique contemporary Australian gardens and constructed landscapes that capture the spirit of place. Whether the aim is to enhance built elements or to soften them, our design & construction team thrive on a challenge and love to deliver an exceptional result.

Our agile, qualified team are experienced across all areas of landscaping. These include in-house specialists in rockwork, excavation and machinery, paving, concreting, carpentry, softscaping, horticulture and design. We can also provide garden and landscape advice with our horticultural and landscape consultants to help you envision your landscape. The solid network of local suppliers we have built up over decades in the industry, enables each project to use local materials, reduce logistics and give back to support local businesses in your area. 

At ID Landscaping, we pride ourselves on our capabilities, timeframe management and effective teamwork no matter the project’s scale to deliver a result that is a contemporary and natural outcome that will perform with integrity. 

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