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Set within the leafy canopy of Park Orchards, Lyn and Phil’s backyard is down from a natural drainage line. Before the works began, their dam copped the brunt of the water force after heavy rain. It was prone to damage during and after peak rainfall events and this reduced how they could use their space. The construction works included widening the point where the water entered the dam, stabilising with jute mat and planting out to reduce the likelihood of erosion continuing to occur. This also acted as a silt-pit to help improve the water quality as it continues to flow downstream and can easily be cleaned out if the need arises. The creek causeway downstream of the dam will be intermittently flowing when the dam overflow is reached. Bridges at the water entry & exit points are perfectly understated in spotted gum and provide full loop access to the dam, watercourse, and out into the surrounding idyllic landscape.


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Chloe Thomson of Bean There Dug That recently featured this garden on Behind the Garden Gate. Watch the episode below!

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